Above left, what a Vic West E&N station could look like (rendering by Aaron Lypkie). Instead we keep hacking down trees (as at the entrance to Goldstream Park, right) and laying down blacktop. How many billions of dollars would it cost to build the E&N today? Yet this priceless asset rots away (bottom right photo by Robert Turner) . Historical tidbit: the Niagara canyon bridge originally spanned the Fraser River! It was built in Gateshead-on-Tyne, England, built over BC's #1 river in 1884, & was moved to Vancouver Island in 1910.

Diesel passenger service in Ottawa & Scotland.

Building an E&N we can be proud of.



Is BC's Capital Big Enough for LRT?

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Do HOV lanes work?

In the 20th century, people like Alfred Sloan, the creator of modern General Motors, and Big Oil (not to mention Firestone, Ford, power-mad bureaucrats like New York's Robert Moses etc.) were extremely successful in getting rid of popular electric trains around the world. It's time to put 'em back!

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Above left. Progress? Ripping out the rails on Cook St., Victoria BC, around 1948. Right, the end of an era in front of the Empress Hotel.
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JANE JACOBS (1916-2006) SIR ROBERT RISSON (1901-1992) JAY QUINBY (1895-1981) SHIMA HIDEO (1901-1998)

SOGO SHINJI (1884-1981)


With thousands of others, prevented freeways destroying neighbourhoods from Vancouver to Baltimore. Jacobs worked in Manhattan and Toronto.

Fought facsism with the Australian Army in North Africa and New Guinea. Saved and expanded Melbourne's tram system.

Blew the whistle on General Motors' anti-streetcar conspiracy. Served on anti-submarine duty in the Gulf of Mexico with the US Navy during WWII.

The technical genius who led Japan's shinkansen high-speed rail line in 1964. Awarded a string of honours from Japan, US and UK engineering societies.

Old man thunder - Prodded relentlessly to build the shinkansen. Worked with moderate politicians before warlord Tojo Hideki ("Razor") seized power in 1941.